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Sleepyize, Not Just A Term About Being Tired. A Miracle Bottle of Drops For Children And Their Parents Too

We've all been there as parents.  Shoot our friends and family members, who don't have children, have been there trying to help us out.  But let me refresh your memory with a little scenario...

You're exhausted, you've had a long day and all you can think about is a peaceful bubble bath, a glass of wine, followed by your most comfy pajamas and your favorite blanket in bed.  Preferably all before 9 pm.  The problem is, it's already 7:30 and your child/children do not appear to be in on your plan.  In fact, you're pretty sure they are trying to tear the whole neighborhood down, starting with your house and your nerves.

Now, you could try the normal options of bribery, but let's face it, that usually involves some sort of sugar intake in the form of candy or ice cream, which can lead to a high end sugar crash and eventually a weeping child.  Guaranteeing your night is going to be even longer.  Or, you can think of a more natural, subtle way to get them to start relaxing and off to dream land. 

That's precisely what I did.  Now, I tried products with melatonin and/or valerian root in them, and while they worked to help get them down, getting them back up in the morning was pure hell.  And I mean that is the most true version of hell you can think of.  It was awful.  At least for my little, it was just too much for him to handle, especially on a week/school night.  

Insert my love for Young Living Essential Oils goldmine of a complete line specifically for kids.  This is where I found Sleepyize. 

Sleepyize is a blend of 8 essentials oils specifically put together to help aid in the winding down, falling asleep and staying asleep processes.  

Here is what is all in it. 

Lavender - not much to really explain here.We all know that it's natural aroma is relaxing and that if we just sit and smell it, we will find our eyes getting droopy.

Geranium - with it's intoxicating smell, it holds properties that may act as a natural sedative or aid in the release of nervous tension.  

Roman Chamomile - the aromatic influence of roman chamomile has been linked to help clear the mind and relax the nerves.  It also has been used for centuries by parents to help ease an upset child. 

Tangerine - Who doesn't love the smell of citrus? And while citrus smells are usually thought of as a morning wake up smell, they actually can be used dually.  It has therapuetic properties that aid the body in cleansing and muscle soothing.

Bergamot - has been known to help aid in anxiety relief and agitation.

Sacred Frankincense - Yes, the same one referred to in the bible; this oil may contribute to the reduction of "brain" chatter, resulting in a peaceful mindset.

Valerian - That's right, even though I said I've tried it and it was too powerful, I use an oil blend that has it in it.  Why? Because it's not being used alone, therefore, relying on properties from the other oils to do their job, also.  This has been used for centuries to help reduce restlessness and insomnia. 

Rue - This little gem has been known for it's "neurotoxic nature", therefore, it could assist in the reducing nervous hyperactivity and the calming of nervous disturbances.

Whew!  I know, that is a ton of information, but realistically it's just the tip of the iceberg of what they can do individually. So, yep, together they create a little bottle of "Get your sweet little a** to bed, mommy needs a moment" goodness.  

My absolute favorite aspect is that I can diffuse it, put it on (my child) neat, make a roller ball, lotion, shampoo, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  Therefore, I can let him know I am 'knocking" him out or just coyly tell him to go to bed.  Then wham bam thank you ma'am, I'm in the tub enjoying my few minutes of peace.

Here is my favorite recipe to make:

Goodnight Sweetheart Body Butter

1/2 cup Organic Unrefined Shea Butter 
1/2 cup Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil 
20 drops Young Living Sleepyize Essential Oil

Whip together the shea butter and coconut oil until fully blended.  Incorporate 20 drops of the Young Living Sleepyize Essential Oil.  Once fully mixed transfer body butter to an 8 ounce jar, I like these, then rub on your child's back and feet just before bed.  (Feel free to use for yourself, too!)

Well, I’m off to my own bedtime bliss.

I'll be back soon!


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