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Showing posts from November 11, 2018

California Fires

Tragedy has been striking the west coast left and right this year.  Every time you turn on the television, it seems like you’re met with images and videos of thick black smoke and dancing flames. Always followed with little hope that Mother Nature herself will provide help with diminished winds or much needed rain.   According to Wikipedia , the California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Prevention has listed 2018 as the most destructive wildfire seasons on record, with over 7,500 so far laying waste to over 1,650,000 acres.   Think about that for a few minutes.   Imagine the wildlife that is gone, or soon will be, with nowhere to call home.  The acres of forestry that will take more time than we have in our lifetimes, and maybe even our children’s, to grow back.  Think about the affect that just those two things have on the ways our rivers flow and the type of climate changes those areas will now see and h ow this affects families that rely on hunting and fishing pract

I Slept Funny And Now I'm Dying

Okay, maybe not "dying," but omg. I woke up and realized it hurts to turn my head. TURN MY HEAD.  I have such a massive knot in the left side of my neck, it would make a sea captain proud...or at least my old Girl Scout troop leader. And why, you ask? Why am I in such horrendous pain? What is the cause of this completely over-dramatic post?  I flipping SLEPT WRONG.  Seriously. My neck hurts, because I apparently slept standing on my head while breakdancing. That's the only position I can think of that would make any sense for how I'm feeling right now. I really don't mind aging, I just mind the "my body is falling apart" part of aging. As a kid, I could sleep on just a blanket on a concrete floor with no pillow and wake up the next day feeling AWESOME. Now, I basically need to have a heating pad on top of a Tempurpedic on top of another Tempurpedic on top of a fluffy cloud just to wake up feeling like I may've been human at on

Car Lane Karaoke - Mom Rhymes

There is literally no shame in my game, even when the words to my mom rhyme are a little backwards.  That is just how I morning.  And if I can't make fun of myself and have some humor about it all then life just becomes to serious.   (Serious props to whoever made the program that decided what the still would look like in videos before they are viewed.  Well played my friend, well played) Have a great week Y'all. I'll be back soon! Courtney