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Showing posts from September 30, 2018

It's all about the WHY....

Those three little letters that make everyone stop and think. W...H...Y... I am constantly asked why wouldn’t you just go to the doctor and get some medicine? Why wouldn’t you just grab a salve and rub it on the cut? Why wouldn't you....Why?....Why?....Why?.... Because I don’t want to. It is really that simple of an answer for me and my family. The real question should be why would I want to? Why would I want to put a whole bunch of unnecessary chemicals or antibiotics in myself, my husband or especially my child when the human body is designed to fight off SOME of the yuck it gets contaminated with. And, ok, sometimes it needs help. But that doesn’t mean reaching for a pharmacy every time. For us it means grabbing those little bottles of Oils and giving the body a boost. And I don’t have to worry about putting anything toxic in or on our bodies at the same time.  I have your typical, if I can find a way to make it rowdy and probably get hurt, boy. There is n

No Weigh

Do you find yourself staring at the scale every day... Or sometimes multiple times per day, just willing that number to go down or be smaller? Are you obsessing over what that dial reads? Do you feel like you've wrapped your self worth up in that silly number? I hear you! It's still a constant battle I have with myself. What's really silly is that weight fluctuates day-to-day, even hour-to-hour. It's one thing to track your progress, it's an entirely different thing to let a number determine what kind of day we'll have. We can drive ourselves crazy watching that number go up and down, up and down all day everyday. Well, one of my health & wellness support groups is doing something really refreshing, it's called "No Weigh October." Basically, we're banding together to stay off the scale for the month and give ourselves a much needed break from the scale addiction... Not to mention the worry and stress and FRU