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Showing posts from October 20, 2019

It’s a Warm Me Up Mixer

It’s fall and my favorite thing about fall is all the warm delicious drinks you can make. At the top of my list is warm apple cider.  It smells like fall, it tastes like heaven and even though it’s hard to believe you can make it taste even more delicious.   Here are my two favorite ways to enjoy. 1)  Heat up 1 cup of pure apple cider and then place 1 cinnamon stick, that has 1-2 drops of Young Living Nutmeg Vitality Essential Oil, in the hot cider to soak for a couple minutes.  Top with a few grates of cinnamon stick and enjoy. 2) Follow the above directions and then add 1 shot spiced rum. I love that I can enjoy this drink, via version 1, with my son. Or, via version 2, with my girlfriends. Add in a comfy blanket and back porch fire pit and you have the perfect fall evening.  Enjoy! I’ll be back soon! Courtney