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Showing posts from April 26, 2020

It’s The Little Things

These are my gardening shoes. Today they were also my running shoes. You see,, I don’t run. I mean, it would take the US Marine Corps all coming at me at once to make me even think about jogging.    It’s just not my thing.   But today for, goodness knows whatever reason, my mind told me to go for a walk, and then jog, and then run. And since I had already put these shoes on for yard work, when the forces that be intervened, I knew I had to just go with the flow. See, if I would have taken the time to change shoes, I would not have gone.    I would have walked out of the backyard, through the house, up the stairs, through my bedroom and into the closet, and by that time talked my self out of doing something different.  It’s funny what a pair of ratty old shoes can tell you.   As people, we tend to think that the only way to live is by plan. Maybe if we started to live by the shoes we wear, we’d realize how simple life could be.  I’ll be back soon!