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Thank you for stopping by Busy Women's Health. 
We're Carly and Courtney, best friends and busy women who support one another through everything life throws our way, and we want to do that for other women, as well. Our focus is on simple ways to take care of the busy woman (that's you!!), so she can continue to take care of, well, everything else!! We're all about simplicity here, because isn't life complicated enough?

Read on to learn more about the women behind Busy Women's Health.

Carly Hawthorne is a radio and voice over talent based in Colorado who has seen herself and those around her struggle with weight and overall health.
In January 2018, a friend introduced her to Intermittent Fasting and she hasn't looked back. Over 20lbs later, she's making it her mission to help others succeed in their health and fitness goals.

Courtney Little spent 18 years working in the veterinary medicine field. She is now a stay-at-home wife and mom who dedicates her life to helping both humans and animals find better/additional means to health through personal experience and research with Pure Essential Oils.
 While researching options to promote health in her not-always-healthy son, she was introduced by a friend to essential oils and their health-aiding benefits. She jumped in feet first and just kept running.
She enjoys gardening, fishing, and spending quiet time reading in the company of her pet dog and tortoise. Traveling to 5K’s and Karate competitions are a must with her son and husband. 
 For more information on pure essential oils, EO products and so much more, check out the Resources page or leave a comment.  

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