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Germs, A Child's Best Friend

Oh, the joys of school age children and the germs that come with them. I remember my son becoming daycare/preschool age and everyone “warning” me about how many colds, flus, etc. he was going to come home with.  And boy oh boy, were they right!  But what they didn’t tell me was that as we entered actual primary school and as each grade level passes the germs just...keep...getting...worse! How can this be possible? A germ is a germ. Eh, maybe true, maybe not. What is true is that, especially with boys, as they get older they seem to forget the fundamentals of facial tissue and hand washing. All in the name of fun. A kid has got to be a kid and thinking about their health is not a top priority. That’s what mom and dad are for. And let’s not forget they sure don’t mind that they are bringing these cesspools home to share with you. It’s a “You’re invincible and you’ll live” sort of mentality.  Thank goodness there is a way to stay a head of the game and it doesn’t require you to

Progress, Not Perfection

Throughout my weightloss and wellness journey, and especially after discovering Intermittent Fasting, my go-to phrase has become, "I am human." It's something that's said a LOT in my IF groups. We spend our lives seeing other's highlight reels and it's hard to remember that EVERYONE is going through their own struggles. "I am human," is a mantra that I've adopted to remind myself that no one is perfect, least of all me, and that's ok! We weren't meant to be perfect. I forget friend's birthdays or anniversaries... I have days where my diet is less than balanced... I have sleepless nights where my brain won't turn off and I'm consumed with the stress of adulthood... I have days where I don't check everything off my to-do list... I have days where I'm exhausted, sick, overwhelmed or anxious. For me, yesterday was definitely a human day. I'm not sure exactly what happened. I woke up early and

Travel and Intermittent Fasting

Carly here again...and it's definitely a Monday. Over the weekend, the boyfriend and I made a 13 hour drive down to South Central Texas for a family wedding. Side note: So glad I thought to bring my Deep Relief Essential Oil with me for the haul. It helped soothe my shoulders and back while sitting in the car for so long and destressed me while dealing with Fort Worth rush hour traffic! It also came in handy when I left the boyfriend's dress clothes at our friend's house an hour south of where the wedding was. Having to go back for them wasn't ideal, but it had to be done and I'm thankful I had a little help to get through it. Also, that's my puppy, Mina, in the background! My extended family is super big and super close, so I always look forward to getting to spend time making new memories with them. One of the biggest things I've learned since I started Intermittent Fasting is that I cannot fast as normal during family get togethers. The reas