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My side of the desk is "cleaner" and I'll prove it...

The battle is on and it seems like it gets more intense everyday.  Clorox, Lysol, Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation, all household names for cleaning that no one bats an eye at.  Unless you're me or someone living in my home. Two are longtime staple cleaning names and two are newer, marketed as non-toxic cleaning products.  All of these products have either been phased out or are almost phased out of my home and my family's life. Why? Because I learned the truth about them that I now am sharing with you.   Yes, I still regularly clean and take needed supplies to my son's school. I just have replaced all the above with either cleaning products Young Living makes in their Thieves Household Cleaning line, or things I have made using YL Essential Oils. I made this decision for my family after extensive research of my own that was not hard to find.  One phrase like "toxic cleaning products" in the google bar and the information is right in front of you.