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Germs, A Child's Best Friend

Oh, the joys of school age children and the germs that come with them.

I remember my son becoming daycare/preschool age and everyone “warning” me about how many colds, flus, etc. he was going to come home with. 

And boy oh boy, were they right! 

But what they didn’t tell me was that as we entered actual primary school and as each grade level passes the germs just...keep...getting...worse!

How can this be possible? A germ is a germ. Eh, maybe true, maybe not. What is true is that, especially with boys, as they get older they seem to forget the fundamentals of facial tissue and hand washing. All in the name of fun. A kid has got to be a kid and thinking about their health is not a top priority. That’s what mom and dad are for. And let’s not forget they sure don’t mind that they are bringing these cesspools home to share with you. It’s a “You’re invincible and you’ll live” sort of mentality. 

Thank goodness there is a way to stay a head of the game and it doesn’t require you to put anything toxic near your sweet baby(ies) or your self. Shoot it’s even safe to be around your fur, feathered, scaly or any other type of animal family member you have. 

And for us, there is one amazing product with so many fixes. Thieves Cleaner! Feel free to check out Distillery9 to read about it yourself.  My personal home would not survive without it, my life as a whole wouldn’t function well either. 

It’s completely nontoxic, I don’t recommend drinking it, but my child can go right behind me while cleaning, touch the surface put his fingers in his mouth and I don’t twitch once.  Trust me with other cleaners I would probably have a mini oh my goodness moment.

So we use it for all household cleaning, as a fabric refresher, carpet cleaning solution, toy cleaner/sanitizer, and yes it even replaces our bleach. Heck, we even take in to go with us in one of these Mini Glass Travel Cleaning Bottles to clean at places we go eat, play, sleep, etc. 

I have even used a recipe with Thieves in for hand sanitizer because it’s what I had with me and it’s safe!

To be quite honest, since we made the switch, our little man has way fewer health issues than before.  All of those other chemicals in the house were causing a whole slew of other problems that we never knew about.  His health is always my number one priority.

I recommend any house with kids at least checks it out. And if you do here’s a starter recipe for you.

Homemade Bleach
2 cups water
1/4 cup Peroxide
1 capful Thieves
4-5 Drops YL Lemon Essential Oil
(If you don’t have this you can go old school and squeeze two tbsp fresh lemon juice into it, but it won’t last as but a day or two) we store ours in these Glass Household Cleaning Bottles.

Happy Child-Germ Away Journey! 

And don’t forget to check out the latest and greatest from Miss Carly.

I’ll be back soon!


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