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How Does A Champion Poop?

So, I'm all about gut health.  I mean who doesn't need to lose a few pounds in the bathroom,  before getting on the scale or doing the mirror "how bloated am I today check"? But a cereal with the name? Yes, I had to order a box, hoping I'm not just in for one hell of a weekend. I mean for a meager $11.99, for  a box a cereal, that by title can help those gastrointestinally challenged friends have peace. It may be worth it.  Shoot, you may even go buy yourself a gold medal. I guess I'll find out for us all..maybe you want to be brave too. Lucky for you I know where you can find it. All you have to do is click on  poop . Don't lie, you've laughed every time you read poop, and you just did it again. If for nothing else, the box will make for a great breakfast conversation piece. I'll see you soon! Courtney