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Wouldn't it be nice....

As women, we are constantly pushing ourselves to do better, be better.  It's hard not to strive for perfection...w hatever that means to us. Perfect house, career, children, car, hair, clothes, etc...  But why? Why can’t silver be great, too?  For that matter, why can’t last place?   But it never feels that way and isn't it exhausting? Maybe sometimes we just want to sit and play video games, not take a shower and stay in our pj’s all day.  Or every so often, have not a gosh darn thing to do this weekend, or "come home from work and just sit on the couch" time. There's nothing wrong with wanting some "me time." In fact, I highly encourage it! If we as women don't take time to take care of ourselves, then how do we expect to take care of others...and everything else? I have found that it's the small pleasures in life that make it a little less rocky of a road to travel.   So here are 5 little things that I like to

Don’t Wait to be Winter Well

We don’t flu in my house.  We just don’t.  Now I’m not saying no one in my house ever gets the flu, but I am saying, we don’t give it much of a chance to break in. It’s the season...the season of bonfires, cold nights, dreary wet days and the flu, like you, is looking for a warm place to set up shop.   No, I’m not a medical professional. I’m a mom-professional, and as I said in my previous blog , I know all about "the yuck."   What I didn’t state was that Elderberry Syrup is a staple in my home.   What is this syrup I speak of? It’s a mixture of a lot of nature’s goodness, boiled into a wonderful immunity booster.   I’m sure the majority of the population could ask grandma about it and she would say she grew up on it, as did her kids.  And most adults who grew up in those generations didn’t have the “sick” days we have now.   So besides our daily dose of NingXia (you can read about that on Distillery 9 ), from about October through major alle

4 Simple Ways To Make Sure You're Drinking Enough Water

Recently, I had an annual checkup. It's something I try to be consistent with so I feel like I'm being a "good adult." I consider myself a pretty healthy person, so I was surprised when I was told I wasn't drinking enough water. I thought I was the poster child for water consumption . As an intermittent faster, I seriously don't leave my house without my refillable, steel water bottle in tow. I mean, this thing is so well-used, it has dents, paint chips and scratches.   I feel like most of my day is spent refilling the thing! But, yet, somehow, I wasn't drinking enough water. I thought about arguing and pleading my case, but then I stopped myself and REALLY thought about my water consumption as of late.  How many times have I left a restaurant with a barely touched glass of water sitting on the table? How often do I take it into my office, only to have it sit on my desk for a few hours without taking so much as a sip? Ok