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Toothache Tea

Yes, I know you thought we had already given you every tea imaginable in our recent Tea Series... Sore Throat Tea , Cough Tea , Breathe Easy Tea , Cinnamon Apple Hot Tah-Tea , and Tummy Tea , if you'd like to revisit them. BUT, the power and usefulness of tea is so expansive that I'm constantly remembering and learning its uses. Today, that comes in the form of Toothache Tea. Today, the boyfriend woke up with a massive toothache. It's something he's been battling off and on the last few weeks thanks to an errant wisdom tooth just now deciding to come in.  While we wait for his surgery appointment, I give him some ibuprofen and re-run through my list of home remedies, trying to remember what has and hasn't worked for him in the past. Me: "Salt water gargle?" BF: "That didn't really help last time." Me: "Want to try a peroxide rinse?" BF:"Babe, I'll try anything." I love that he's open to