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Introducing Miss Kelly

Welcome to the start of our new monthly series.  

Here at Busy Women's Health we have been trying to come up with a way to share the stories of our followers.  Carly and I finally decided that the simple route was best.  

We have reached out to a few of our friends and gotten their stories directly from them and now we're sharing them with you.  

Of course, since we know the first few ladies, we may just throw in a few "details" of our own.

Busy Woman #1 - Introducing Miss Kelly.

Kelly is one rockstar of a busy woman.  Just looking into her crazy list of responsibilities and businesses can make a person tired.

She is a High School Agriculture Teacher, FFA Adviser, Yearbook Advisor, Junior Class Sponsor, County 4-H Leader, Erie Recreation Volleyball and Basketball Coach, Neosho County (KS) Farm Bureau Board President and Women's Chair, and Kansas Pet Professional Executive Secretary.  She also owns and manages the personal businesses of Snapshots by KellyKlassy Kelly's PaparazziHP Puppies, and Thrive by Le-Vel.

And let's not forget, she is mom to twin, middle-school-aged daughters and a middle-school-aged son!
Are you tired yet?  Because I'm ready for a nap.

But wow!  Can you say inspired?

Now, who is she and what's her story?

Kelly and I met in college and we were NOT instant friends.  

You see, Kelly grew up in rural Kansas.  She helped her dad work cattle, rodeod, participated in FFA and 4-H and was just all around a guy's girl.  

She could doll up, in her own country look or just shoot the breeze with the best of the boys.  And she dressed the part too, trendy country, casual cool.  I, on the other hand, grew up completely opposite and came to the first day of College Ag Classes in short shorts and a backless shirt, lots of makeup, painted nails/toes and, most likely, jewelry of some sort.  Oops!
We most definitely were not two peas in a pod, but we got past that. Thank goodness!

Are you starting to get connect the dots?

Like everyone else, Kelly has had her fair share of minor to major ups and downs just since I have known her.  

Perseverances and obstacles, one might say. 

From learning how to navigate college night life, discovering exactly what time McDonald's changed from breakfast to selling chicken sandwiches, and taking me with her to get one, actually attending college classes, making new friends, losing new friends, and the tragic loss of her sister and best friend, all while still in college, which meant learning how to navigate her new life path with this new unwanted life void, the loss of more college friends (post college, but too early in life), marriage, divorce, children, weight gain, weight loss, starting new jobs, starting new businesses, international travel, exchange student sponsor parent and renewed self discovery, are just a handful of her life examples.

How have all these life moments molded her into the amazing busy woman that she is today?

Well, here's what she had to say.

"The older I get the more responsibilities I have, but the less anxious I am. Day by day and year by year, I realize I can only control me. No one else. And stressing about yesterday or tomorrow does no one any good. I try to live a day at a time. I fail at times, I’m always going to be a work in progress. But every day I wake up positive and try to be the positive person in someone else’s life. I don’t let stuff weigh me down and one of the biggest gifts I have ever given myself was cutting out the chronic pessimists in my life. "

Sounds like a pretty smart lady if you ask me.

Let's also not forget the biased mention of her being one of the most sincere, caring, there for you, ready to get crazy together friends any girl could have.

And just looking back at her list of Do's and Dones, reestablishes why she is starting our series off.

These days, you can find Kelly running the show in/with her town, school, home, or business.  If you're lucky, you may even catch her relaxing.

And I promise, she's the one with the sense of modern fashion these days!

So, if you need jewelry, healthy life products, a cuddly new puppy, or new family photos and you're in her area, or on Facebook, she's your busy woman.
See ya'll next month with the chatterings of another Busy Woman.

-Courtney and Carly

*If you have a story you'd like to tell or know a busy woman who should be highlighted in our series please reach out to us.  We'd love to help you get your voice heard.


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