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The time change struggle is real

The most dreaded time of year for me, and so many that I have talked too, has by far, come and gone.

Spring Daylight Saving.

Unfortunately, even though the day has passed and the time has sprung forward, the mass chaos it left in its wake seemingly will last until fall.  Just in time for the clocks to have to change again.

It’s  hard enough for the average single, working busy woman to adjust to when the only thing they do is work and go home.  Then think about that seriously motivated single person who has an avid daily exercise routine, strict prepping and eating schedule, work, volunteer time and a personal life. Now, take that even a step further, and the person is married (or in a committed relationship) and has kids, fur or human, or both.  Now, they have everything already mentioned above, plus another adult's schedule and meals to tend to, children’s school and extracurricular activities and meals, dog parks and doggie daycare....the list is endless.  

And now there is one less hour.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it sounds like I’m having a bitch session, but I’m truly happy to do all these things.

But what sick trickery is this in today’s day and age?

Even 90% plus of the farmers I know are fine with time staying the same all year long.  I’m from Kansas, so it’s not like I’m talking to backyard gardeners.  

Ok, Sorry, I’m getting off track.

There is no way, without losing more time, that anyone can keep up.

That is unless there is a little help.

Sure, you can hype up on coffee, 5 hour energy, etc.  But there is a better more healthy way. 

Yes, you guessed it, it deals with oils.  But you’ll be thanking me if you ever try it.  This amazing spray I’m going to share with you will help you get and stay in a state of mental clarity and focus, keep your mind and body energized, and never make you crash.  It’s also perfect for kids in high activity sports, especially during competition/tournament season.  Which is actually how this blend came to be.  A non-oily friend contacted me needing something to help her kids wake up and stay energized and focused with the early mornings of competition days that last all day.

With a lot of research and concocting this blend was born.

The Get-Up and Go

Ingredients and Supplies
Glass Spray Bottle (I know my picture shows metal but I've decided glass would be better, I just ordered some for myself), mason jar with lid, funnel, vodka, purified water, baking soda, Young Living Essential Oils of Orange, Peppermint, Grapefruit and Clarity.  


Fill the mason jar with a 1/2 cup of baking soda.  Add in 6 drops of Clarity EO, 4 drops of Orange, 3 drops of Grapefruit and 3-5 of peppermint.  (The peppermint amount varies as some people do not like that strong of an aroma.) Place the lid on the jar and shake, shake, shake!  Once you notice there are no more wet clumps, you know it is incorporated well.  Open you spray jar and place your funnel in the opening.  Pour in half of your dry mixture.  Next fill the bottle half full with vodka and the other half full with water.  Replace your spray nozzle and give it a shake.  

There you go, it's that easy.  

I keep one of these bottles near every exit and when I am prepping the car for an early morning outing, no matter what it is, I lightly spray down the car seats and floor mats.  By the time we are at our destination everyone is awake, relaxed, energized and ready to go.  If we are going somewhere the requires towels or blankets I spray them too.  I've even been know to make a little travel bottle size to keep in my purse if the day is going to be really long so I can pep everyones step midway through.  

It's the little things in life folks and this spray makes the family or anyone in the car happy.  I'd bet it will you and yours too.

I'll be back soon!


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