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I Was Hungover For Three Days: The Search For The Perfect Hangover Cure

The Hangover.

The most awful headache, dry mouth, can't get off the couch feeling next to the flu.  Sometimes worse.  

Well, I took three for the team.  For three nights, thanks to some previously unforeseen turn of events, I drank until I knew I would would be worthless the next day, and let me tell you, it was not easier as the days went on.  By the final night, my body and liver were ready for permanent retirement.

But you can't find a good hangover cure without the hangover part and this was my mission.

Here is the run down. 

Friday Night:

Home, back porch date night with the husband.  Portable heater, warm blankets, wine and a case of budlight.  (Don't shame me, it's all him on the beer choice.)
Start time 7pm.  
End time 12:30am.  
3/4 Bottle of Wine
4 Beers

Saturday Morning:

Talking, by anyone, was prohibited.  I didn't even have to request it, if someone even tried my facial expressions said it all. 

I know what you're thinking, why didn't I already have coffee in my hands?  Well, I don't drink caffeinated drinks...EVER.  But we can talk about that later.

Damn it!  Breakfast still had to be made.  

OK, I survived the heat of the pancake pan and the family was fed and happy.  I was now onto my first attempt at a hangover fix.

Recipe 1:
1/2 Hot Water
1/2 Cup Pure Coconut Water, (I used this)
1 Tbsp Pure Local Honey
2 Slices Fresh Lime

I could drink this everyday and I don't feel as dehydrated or achey.  There is something here, but let's kick it up a notch.

Recipe Two:
1 Cup Hot Coconut Water
1/4 Cup of Pure Cherry Juice, (I drink this daily)
1 Tbsp Pure Local Honey
1 Slice Fresh Lime
Dash of Fresh Cinnamon


Stick with Recipe 1 throughout the day and I think you'll be feeling back to yourself quicker than normal.  

Saturday Night:

I texted Carly as I headed out to the bar to tell her I may die from having to go out and I would be drinking again.  This was not a planned night out, but an impromptu date night after our son got invited to another sleep over. 

I now feel the need to enlist Carly's help for the next day.

So supportive, what a great bff!  

As the night progressed, some friends texted and said they were out and we should meet up with them. Can't say no to that offer!

And with that we were at bar #2, of course, with new found energy.

Start time 6:45 pm
End Time 11:45pm
2 glasses of wine
1 Bold Rock Cider 
3 Corona Lights with Lime
3 Corona Premiums with Lime
1 Budlight (at home)

I was, obviously, very indecisive that evening.

Sunday Morning:

"Crap, why isn't there an approved 'Uber-type' ride where background-checked Nannies pick up your kids from sleep overs?" (Don't steal my idea, Carly and I may want to start another venture). 

Not only was I hungover big time, but it was super cold and sleeting outside.  Not how I wanted to start this morning, either.  Kid picked up, he gets cereal today.  Now onto my next great idea.

Recipe 1:
1/2 Cup Hot Water
1/2 Cup Aloe Water, (I was told this was great)
2 Slices Fresh Lemon
Pinch Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, (my house staple)

NO - Just NO!  Get it together, everyone says Aloe water is the best thing ever for the morning after a rough night.  Ok, let's try it plain....literally felt like it was turning to gel on my tongue.  Had to hold my composure as I refused to clean up a mess.  Chugged water.  

Now, I do have to say, I know many people who drink this Aloe Water daily for hydration purposes and they love it.  It just had the opposite effect on me.  And really, truly, never drink it hot!!

Sunday Night:

"I can do this" is chanting through my head as I prepare to get the night started.  I really am scared.  This is how it all begins.  The start to the end...of life!  At least that was my mindset at the time.  But I couldn't quit this close to the finish line.  

YES!  the KC Chiefs won, I CAN do this. (I didn't get to watch the game. Had to wait til the husband was home to tell me the outcome)

The family still needed dinner.  Why was no one else offering to cook?  Dinner was done, both husband and child went to their rooms to play games.  So I let the final night begin.

It was just me, my kind of music, a few phone calls to friends and I was all alone.  That never happens.

Start time 6:15 pm
End Time 11:35 pm
1 Bottle of wine
1 Rum and 7up with Lime
1 Apple Pie Moonshine and 7up

Monday Morning:

Everybody needed to get out of this house and go to work and school.  Oh, right, I was the way to school.  Well, messy bun, glasses, pajamas and generic uggs was the attire for that carpool.  Then it happened, the reminder, "Mom, it's a snow day".  I think you can figure out the words that went through my head.  I got the husband off to work and the child back in bed.  The house was quiet!

It was time to take a different approach. 

Recipe 1:
Juice of 2 Fresh Oranges
Juice of 2 Granny Smith Apples
Juice of 3 Carrots
Juice of 3 Stalk of Celery
Handful of Spinach and Kale

Recipe 2:
32 ounces of Cold Water
1/2 Medium Cucumber Sliced
1/2 Fresh Lemon Sliced 
Frozen Blueberries
Frozen Strawberries

Drink Recipe 1 and then recipe 2.  No fall out and I'm starting to feel my insides inflate from becoming hydrated.  

Whew, I am seriously no longer in my 20s or even early 30s.  Any question I had about that has been answered.  Although, for being just a bit older than that, I hung pretty well.  At least that is what I will tell myself forever.   

I hope y'all enjoyed my weekend rundown and appreciate all my liver did for your knowledge.  It says you're welcome.  

Final recap:

Coconut water added as a sweetener to create my warm hangover tea was a pretty good idea and something I will do again, not just for the taste but I did feel better.  Plain hot coconut water will never be discussed again.

Any form, for me, of Aloe water is banned from my taste buds for life.  At least a very long time.  Maybe I'll try it again when my body is in prime shape.  But I will be keeping it in the house for other family members who found it pleasant.

Good, old fashioned, fresh pressed juice and lemon-cucumber water is definitely going to be my go to!  I could literally feel my body "healing" and by the time it was school pickup time I was back to normal.  

Happy responsible drinking and hopefully one of these "cures" will work for you.

I'll be back soon!


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