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Let's Get Personal....I'll Start!

Hello, my name is Courtney, and here is part of my story.

I am a later-30’s, recent stay-at-home, crazy baking, animal and exercise loving, karate and guitar lesson taxiing, juicing (the fruit and veggie kind haha), essential oil fanatic, wife and mom.  

Yes, essential oils. Those crazy little drops that you hear so much about and you use to make the air smell great in your house. Hey, this is how I started.  

I bought all the cute sticks in jars, potpourri that you drop smelly goodness on, even made it into bath salts. All in the name of the house smelling good when people came over, but also secretly hoping it would make a difference in our family’s, my son’s in particular, struggles with health obstacles and issues.  

My little man was dealing with issues as simple as acid reflux to complications from intussusception. Which means everything thing from the stomach to the kidneys to the intestines and some things in between. 

Years of “research” or, as I call it, Dr. Google, telling me what I should be doing for my household, but not telling me all the facts. So, to aroma boutiques, mass general stores and vendor booths I went.  

Guess house smelled great!! But, there were no other changes.  

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. All this money, all this time and effort trying to be more “holistic” and all I received was good scents, not sense. 

(Side note: I do FIRMLY believe in the need for modern medicine NOT just natural means to a healthier lifestyle) 

Then, I remembered a client who had talked to me about her business with PURE Essential Oils and all of their health benefits.

I reached out for help, we got together, talked forever and I learned what I was doing wrong and how to make it right and get on the road to the results I desperately wanted for my family.

My first step was new research on these specific essential oils and the difference between them and what I had been purchasing. 

It all made so much sense! If you think about it, before modern medicine was used how did they aid people with their ailments. Herbs, plants and spices....where do you think Oils come from?

Second, I tossed all my old, glorified air fresheners and stocked up on products that could actually benefit myself and my family. 

Third, I continued to arm myself with knowledge and research with an Essential Oil Pocket Reference (EOPR).

And now I was ready to try again and it was amazing!

Not even 30 days in, mass differences were already being seen in my son. I mean years of prescription acid reflux medication at an adult dose given twice daily no longer was being used or purchased for standby. I’ll chat more on that in another segment.  

My biggest takeaway from this experience was that finally getting the right info, with the right product, made all the difference for my family. 

Now they’re a part of our daily life. They are added to our fresh pressed juice, applied to legs and feet after exercise, even our dog and tortoise enjoy their time with Oils and I make sure I always have some handy for life’s little surprises. 

If you’re interested in Oils,and what the right kind could do for you and your family, please visit the reference page and subscribe to the blog so you never miss out!

Always ask questions, I’m open to anything you have to say or want to know. And be sure to check out Miss Carly’s news on Intermittent Fasting. 

I’ll be back soon!



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