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Helping Heals My Heart

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

I’ve never really understood this quote.  Like, why does a friend need to be in need for you to count them in your tribe?  Maybe I interpret it wrong...

It wouldn’t the first time.

I’ve always tried, and I’m sure more times than I’ve realized, failed to be there for my family and friends. 

My tribe.

But today was a win.  Not because I did something, not because what I did worked, and not because I felt good about doing something for someone else.

But because I had the opportunity to try and help.  Sometimes just trying is a reward within itself just because a chance presents itself. 

A dear friend of mine, who is also my pet groomer, called me to say she was dropping some pet bandannas off for me. (Bandannas are a great way to help “oilers” safely use oils on their pets.)
 I was supposed to pick them up the next day, however, she informed me she wouldn’t be working due to her doing something awful to her back. So, of course, I want and need to help, or at least try.

(It’s important to let you know that she has 8 month old twins, a 4 year old, runs a business and has a mini farm.  This girl can not and does not rest.)

Lucky for me, I keep natural salve/lotion made up in jars that just need a little oil love.  So I added some cypress and wintergreen essential oils by Young Living and stirred it up good.  Both of which have properties that aid in nerve and muscle pain.  They also work as a natural property aid in the reduction of inflammation.  I also made sure she knew they were “hot” oils, so be careful with application if she has sensitive skin. 

Yes I use old makeup jars or whatever glass jars I get. Recycling at its best! 

I use this combination on the weekly for my own health and wellness.  Trial and error led me to them.  Also, research helped. Look at the ingredients in your basic OTC muscle and pain cream aids.  What’s in them?  There’s a reason these work for me and hopefully her. 

I’m waiting for results, but I’m positive they will at least help take the edge off.  Nothing is guaranteed but help is always welcome. 

And that’s what I try to do.  

Help your tribe in whatever manner you can.  It doesn’t matter if it does the trick. It matters that they know they are never alone.

Besides, it’ll make your heart that much stronger and isn’t that what we all want?   A strong heart and foundation of health. 

I’ll be back soon!



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