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Not Your Everyday Valentine's Gift Guide

Just when you start to recoup from the financial strain of Christmas and you think you can breathe again, it's Valentine's Day.  

Well, we here at Busy Women's Health have told you time and time again that we are here for you.  Whether you are shopping for that special busy woman or you are shopping for those who support you, we have put a list of five, Her and Him Must-Haves.  We even threw a few ideas for together gifts in there.

Of course we will start with the gifts for the busy woman.

For Her:

#5 on our list is the Coola Liplux.  This is Carly's FAVORITE and must have "chapstick".  With SPF 30 and vitamin enrichment, this beauty comes in original or tinted and is sure to leave your valentine's lips kissably soft and healthy.  

#4 is the SUNMAY Rechargeable Sonic Heated Eye Forehead Wrinkle Remover.  We all know that one lady who never gets enough sleep and is always saying they are puffy and "squinty," this is the gift for them.  This baby can be charged and thrown in her purse so she can use it whatever time of day she needs it.  (While this is on the "For Her" list, I know a few guys who would use this, too.)

#3, and definitely a must have of my closet, the Muck Boot.  Not all women are heels and dress.  This is the perfect gift for that outdoor, gettin' it done girl.  With so many options of styles and colors, this boot can still show off their personal flare all while ensuring they can get the job done in comfort.  Hose 'em off and she can literally go out for a casual dinner or beer and never have to change.

#2 because who doesn't like to be reminded they are loved.  This necklace is sure to go with any outfit, whether jeans or dress.  Bonus factor, she can learn to say I love you in 100 different languages.

#1 on our list just may already live in the Busy Women's Blogger Homes.  We just love our long distance touch lamps.  Give that special someone in your life a lifeline to their best friend, mom or whoever, and they are sure to shower you with Valentines Day Love and Appreciation.

Ready to see what you can get the person behind the busy woman?  Here you go.

For Him:

#5 is the blue tooth beanie.  While this isn't a new concept, it is one that seems to garner a lot of love when given.  Trust us, Carly and I have already gifted one to our other halves. Perfect for the hiker, the builder, the runner and even the gamer.  This is truly an "every man" will appreciate and love type of gift.

Blue Tooth Beanie

#4 on our list are these super cool whiskey glasses.  These are perfect, whether he is the hunter, the protect and serve kind or just likes to drink his beverage of choice from a super manly glass, this is the gift for him. (PS they also have beer pint glasses/mugs). You won't catch my husband with a whiskey in any other glass.

Bullet Whiskey Glass

#3 on our list is for that coffee drinking dog lover.  It's never any fun having to leave your furbaby at home while you work.  Now your biggest supporter can think of their furry friend every time they take a sip. (And let's be honest, you know you want one, too.)

#2 The ultimate gift for the techy or just plain cool dude.  With a USB port for direct link to a smartphone, ipad, camera, laptop, etc, this little unit is sure to please even that hard to shop for person.  This mini projector is portable and durable, great to view movies in larger format, or to get a bigger picture/better experience with that video game they love. 

#1 is the Jerry Can Bar.  Re-purposed old stuff is always so cool.  What's more nostalgic than something dubbed "the can that won World War II" made into the perfect wall bar setup for his man cave or tailgate companion?  Etsy has quite a selection, so finding your person's perfect one should be a  breeze.  Now, these do take time to make and most are not made until ordered, but this is one product that definitely will be worth the wait.  

                                    Jerry Can Bar

Want to get gifts together? Plan a monthly date night and sign up for Snackcrate.  You can try foods from other countries and never have to leave your kitchen.  

Don't want to do food but still want to relax together? Check out companies like Merry Maids and have your house clean before you ever get home, leaving plenty of time for all the happy and sappy romance. 

And don't forget sometimes old school is the best school.  Look for local dance studios that teach couples dance or buy a pass for the museums in your area.  Groupon may even have some fantastic deals in your area for just such outings. 

Happy shopping and sharing the love.

I'll be back soon!


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