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Guest Blog: How Intermittent Fasting Gave A Former Leader Of A Popular Diet Program Her Life Back

BWH Note: At Busy Women's Health, we are fueled by the stories and successes of our fellow Busy Women. Today, we are thrilled to have a Guest Blogger share her journey of self-love through Intermittent Fasting. 

Meet Sheri, an Intermittent Faster since 2015, her name may ring a bell or two if you've read any of my IF stories, as she is the person responsible for introducing myself and countless others to this amazing way of life.

Today, Sheri is sharing her unique perspective on Intermittent Fasting as a former member and leader of a popular dieting program.


Everywhere I look I see people struggling with weight loss and unsure of what program to follow to lose weight.

I see a lot of people convinced that they must count calories/macros/points to lose weight. When I tell them they can let that go and simply count time, they don’t trust me.

People are terrified of letting go of calorie counting or points counting or otherwise trust that fat loss with IF is different than conventional weight loss methods. IF works on the principle that by changing WHEN you eat, as opposed to what and how you eat, that you keep circulating insulin down.

High insulin keeps your body from burning fat for energy. If you simply follow a timed eating schedule, you allow your body to burn fat for energy, getting you lean in the process.

I shared much of my story on episode 9 of Intermittent Fasting Stories here.

Imagine how I felt after spending 3/4 of my life as a popular diet program member and leader. I didn’t know how to eat without following the program. I was very skilled at looking at any food and giving you its point value.

And then the program failed me. I threw in calorie/macro counting WITH my points counting. And I kept getting bigger. I felt like a failure when in reality, the program, the idea of calorie and nutrient restriction is the failure.

When I found IF, my life changed.

Your life can change too, but it takes absolute trust in your body and this process.

After starting the IF lifestyle in 2015, the weight climb I had been battling for over a year finally reversed. Over the next several months, fat melted off my body. My aches and pains subsided. My relationship with food and my body changed.

After reading "Feast Without Fear," I was able to hang up some old food beliefs and embrace food like I had never been able to embrace it in my entire life. Eating, used to give me anxiety and cause me feelings of shame. IF gave me the most peace I have ever felt with food, my body and gave me confidence and self awareness that my former program never gave me.

With my former program, I lived in this constant state of good, or bad. If I met weigh in, then I was good, I had a good week. If I did not make my goal weight, I was bad, I had a bad week. And then my entire tone for the next week was set.

Was it a week of punishment and stress, or could I enjoy a slice of pizza the night of weigh in? My whole life, my self worth was tied to that damn scale and the foods I ate and hours a day I worked out. It was LIFE sucking. IF gave me my life back!

While talking to another member, I took a trip down memory lane and what I found even surprised myself. Here’s a great comparison between my IF body and my former diet program body. The photo on the left was from July 2018. The photo on the right was from June 2013.

In 2013, I was working out like a mad woman and eating dry salad, no cheese, lean meats and was always starving to keep my weight at 174lbs.

In July 2018, I had been eating whatever I want, for nearly three years on IF, and working out a few days a week to keep my weight at a goal of 169lbs.

Notice through my torso how much thinner my waist and hips are. Whereas, before the skirt pulled tight across my hips and abdomen, now it hangs. I have virtually no visceral fat now because I don’t create fat storing insulin ALL DAY long!

Sometimes just for fun, I will log my food on my former diet program's app just to see where I’m at. I did this a few weeks ago. It’s insane to me now that I ever ate like that. The last week I did it, I consumed all my daily points and exceeded my weekly points by 140 points!! Guess what happened that week? I lost weight!!

Calories...points...ignore them.

Eat real food. Eat delicious food. Fast clean and get lean.
BUT you have to have faith and you have to believe!!!

Now I know better and I give back to the IF community as a moderator of an IF FB group, to help balance the scales so to speak.

I want to help people change the shape of their life and their thoughts about themselves, their health and food.

I truly believe that IF can change the health of the world one person at a time."


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