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California Fires

Tragedy has been striking the west coast left and right this year. 

Every time you turn on the television, it seems like you’re met with images and videos of thick black smoke and dancing flames.

Always followed with little hope that Mother Nature herself will provide help with diminished winds or much needed rain.  

According to Wikipedia, the California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Prevention has listed 2018 as the most destructive wildfire seasons on record, with over 7,500 so far laying waste to over 1,650,000 acres.  

Think about that for a few minutes.  

Imagine the wildlife that is gone, or soon will be, with nowhere to call home.  The acres of forestry that will take more time than we have in our lifetimes, and maybe even our children’s, to grow back.  Think about the affect that just those two things have on the ways our rivers flow and the type of climate changes those areas will now see and how this affects families that rely on hunting and fishing practices to feed their families and friends. 

Step out further and start looking at the homes that are complete ash, or so damaged by smoke and water that they might as well be gone, too.  Family and friends that are missing or didn’t make it out.  Family animals that are displaced or deceased.  Farm animals that will cost more to treat than the profit they would've brought, because they had to be left behind, if they survived at all. 

And, while we see and hear about this devastation everyday, we are quick to turn the channel because we “are not first hand” affected. 

But, what happens when someone we love suddenly is looking for someone they love?  Well, we tend to care a little more.

I can tell you first hand I have been in this position a few times this year.  Both with friends who live in the Citrus Heights area, as well as north of there, and with the most recent Camp Fire, affecting Paradise and its surrounding areas.  Sadly, both times it took me somehow personally knowing people affected to care as much as I should have because I have humanity.  

My own world has somehow become so small and I am ashamed to admit this.

Just this evening, while speaking to one of my dearest friends I learned just how bad it is.  The picture below was taken in Citrus Heights, CA - where she lives and I use to.  Citrus Heights in an hour and a half away from these fires and yet the picture below speaks for itself.  All that haze is smoke that has settled into the valley.  Children cannot even go to school because the air quality is so bad it is unsafe.  

Luckily there is always something we can do.  

If you don't live close, but can donate blood, you can visit here:

Red Cross Blood Donation Locations

Can't give blood but still want to help? Go here:

Habitat for Humanity CA Wildfire Assistance

Are you just like me and want to make sure family pets and livestock aren't forgotten? Then take a look at this:

International Fund for Animal Welfare

I am positive there are far more places we could go, or more we could donate, but these are a great place to start.  

And hey, if you can, I am sure Wo "MAN" power would be appreciated. Grab a plane ticket and volunteer your time.

The power of prayer, positive thinking and basic humanity go a very long way too.

So, with that, we here at Busy Women's Health are praying for all those affected and doing what we can to help.

Lots of love!!

We will be back soon!

Courtney and Carly


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